Removal Tips

LKW Fahrer

Moving Guide – Tips and Tricks for an Easy Move

It is important that you plan your appointments and tasks in advance. Decide in advance which tasks and work are to be fulfilled by which craftsmen, shipping and removal companies and when and where they will be needed.
Do not forget to give notice on the home you are leaving.

Financial planning:
Collect all invoices (for example, ads for housing, renovation and redecorating material, e.g. wallpaper) in the event that you can set off the sums against tax.

The deposit serves as collateral and according to section 515 paragraph 1 of the German Civil Code must not exceed more than three months’ rent.

The insurance liability of your removal company is based on the value of the household goods and takes effect in case of damage, i.e. damage or loss of the goods. Therefore, you should unpack and inspect your household goods immediately after delivery. Any damage brought to your attention must be reported in writing to the removal company within ten days.

The standard contract of the German Tenants’ Federation is recommended. If you opt for a different contract, you should get it checked by a specialist.

The notice should be sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Keep in mind that energy and water companies still have enough time to take a meter reading.

De-registration / re-registration / registration:
When you de-register at the relevant office of municipal government, you will receive written confirmation, which you will need for registration at your new place of residence. Your confirmation of de-registration may be required for the following institutions: school, phone provider, car, post office (for re-directing mail to a forwarding address). It is also important to give your new address to your insurance companies, child benefit authority, health insurance company, your tax office and labor office.

Planning Furniture Position:Draw a sketch of your house and think about where to best place your furniture. Note the direction in which the doors open in your home and where the electrical outlets are.

Apartment Handover:  Check with your landlord for an apartment inspection and a handover appointment and clarify in advance what state the apartment should be in at the end of the tenancy, i.e. walls should be painted white, etc. Make sure you prepare a landlord/tenant walk-through checklist.